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{short description of image}Catoctin Pottery gets its name from the Catoctin Creek that meanders by the studio, and from the nearby Catoctin Mountains. "Catoctin" is an American Indian name that means "much wildlife". Pottery chards from the 5,000-year-old Indian culture that were found on the property tie the present with the past.

The pottery studio and Susan Hanson's home are in the Lewis Mill, a former gristmill built in 1810. An overshot waterwheel, depicted in the Catoctin Pottery logo, powered the Mill. Conservation features of the Mill include solar heat and a nutrient recycling system (composting toilets and graywater systems--husband John's business).

{short description of image}The Mill is on the National Register of Historic Places and is situated along an historic gravel road. When the gravel road was threatened with "improvement" (widening and paving), Susan fought hard to preserve it, and won!

A visit to Catoctin Pottery is an uplifting experience: the country road, the scenery, the old mill, the potter, and of course, the pottery.

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