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I've learned a lot about clay in my career as studio potter. I find that the inspirations of working with clay, the textures of relief and cutouts, are energizing. The whole process continues to provide an outlet for my deep feelings about nature, the environment, and human growth.

Catoctin Pottery Artist Susan HansonMy work reflects the dynamic of my life, ranging from utilitarian tableware to highly textured ceramic art. My decorative statements are layers of clay overlapped, cut and distorted. I impress the clay with carved wooden casters, an ear of dried corn, pinecones, dowels, etc. My glazing process ranges from precise brushwork to random overlapping splashes. The end product always has lots of texture, bright colors, and motion.

Natural phenomena around me (see studio setting) have inspired many of the themes in my work: turtles, great blue herons, raptors, butterflies, and creek colors.

The goal of my work, in addition to setting an impressive table and decorating homes, is to illuminate lives.